C# Tutorial PDF

C# (pronounced see sharp) and often written as CSharp or C Sharp, is a modern programming language created for the .NET framework by Microsoft. The syntax is inspired by several languages, the most notable being C/C++.

Learning C# is not very hard, but you need a good resource. On this site, you can purchase everything you need to learn C#, in one single PDF file. With a PDF file, you can read through the entire tutorial on your PC, your laptop, your tablet or even your phone, and you can read it no matter if you're online or offline.

What you get

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Why learn C#?

C# is a great programming language and you can use it to create anything from Windows applications, including Windows 8 and Windows Store apps, to websites and webservices.

Since C# is similar to C-inspired languages like Java and JavaScript, learning C# will also make it easier to learn other programming languages.

Table of contents

Here's the complete table of contents - you get all of this information when buying the complete C# Tutorial PDF file: